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Midland Regional Hospital Mullingar Were AMAZING!

"​Hi Aisling, I hope you are well. Just a quick check in - I delivered a healthy baby boy on 3rd June 2018 weighing 9 lb 7. I used hypnobirthing, a TENS machine and a small bit of gas and air. I delivered and laboured (after 6cm) in the home from home room, a less clinical much more homely environment offered by Midland Regional Hospital Mullingar which was also amazing - it had audio facilities, aromatherapy, dimmed lights, black out blinds, and birthing equipment like balls and beanbags.

I managed without an epidural which I was so pleased with as I was able to be “present” for the labour and birth, and to work with my body when i has contractions. My labour was long - it was 28 hours, but the hypnobirthing (especially the audios) helped so so much! Thank you, Tony and I are delighted with our little bundle of joy and can’t believe he is a month old today already.

Our baba is a really calm baby, active and alert and is thriving in all of his health and growth checks. He is thriving with exclusive breastfeeding and piling on healthy weight. I do credit a calm birth experience for a lot of his calm demeanour, and to the bond between him and I as he was able to enter into this world in a calm, safe and welcoming environment. Labouring and birthing without an epidural was a very empowering experience - I wanted this as I know both labour and birth is safer for mom and baby without use of an epidural. I strongly believe that I couldn’t have got through a 28 hour labour and birth without the calming and engaging experience that hypnobirthing enabled me to have.

We will definitely be recommending you - there is no question that my son’s birth was a calmer and much more relaxed experience with hypnobirthing. At one point when I was 8cm dilated I fell asleep on the beanbag!!

Take care, and thank you again.Tricia, Tony and Donal"

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 Hypnobirthing Game Changer

Apologies for not contacting you sooner, we had our little girl 2 weeks early (induced because of pre-eclampsia) and things have been a little frenetic. We just wanted to thank you for all of your good advice and help. In the end, it was a pretty difficult labour (even though we had our birth preferences all printed up, in the end, circumstances meant that they all had to be ignored, but that's the way these things go sometimes),

Trish was induced on a Sunday at 9 am, and baby Evelyn wasn't delivered until Tuesday at 09:16. The first induction caused her very painful contractions, the breathing techniques you showed us were an absolute godsend, she swears if she hadn't got them to hand she wouldn't have been able to handle the pain. As it was she was still in some (manageable) discomfort. The following day they administered a second labour inducement, she was able to take Pethadine, but again, the breathing and visualisations were crucial to helping her manage the pain. Her water didn't break until Monday night.

As you can imagine, 36 hours is exhausting, so she opted for the epidural just to be able to sleep. We both had had some anxiety about the epidural, but due to how you had shown us to manage anxiety, she had been able to put her mind at ease. Still, it was another 10 hours before she was actually ready to deliver. In the end, we were two steps away from a C section, luckily the Venteuse worked.

Baby Evelyn was born 6lbs 1 oz, and we couldn't be more chuffed with her. We just wnated to thank you for all your help, it really was a game changer.

Jason, Trish and Evelyn

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