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Welcome, I'm Aisling and since 2003 I have had the pleasure of supporting couples prepare and become relaxed through their pregnancy in preparation for their babies birth. I have helped over 2,500 couples achieve a gentle and stress-free birthing experience through hypnobirthing childbirth classes.

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Aisling's Interests in Health and Wellbeing focus on; Stress, Anxiety, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy and Women’s Issues.

Aisling has contributed on radio and television, appeared in newspapers and has spoken at conferences around Europe and is always looking for new, exciting ways to bring positivity into Fertility and Childbirth.

I Help Mums and dads become more confident, self-assured and empowered in knowing that they are prepared and have done the best that they can do in preparation for a natural stress-free pregnancy and gentle childbirth.

Aisling is Passionate in Helping Couples Prepare for a Safe & Relaxed Birth!

  • Certified Professional Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
  • Over Twenty Five Thousand Clinical hours
  • Trainer in Health and Wellbeing, since 2000
  • Trained through the Institute of Hypnobirthing
  • First and longest established Hypnobirthing Practitioner In Ireland
  • Supported over Two Thousand Couples to-date!

“The main thing we got from Aisling’s hypnobirthing course is the reassurance and confidence to give birth to our beautiful child in the most relaxing way possible.The relaxing techniques we had practiced with Aisling on the hypnobirthing classes helped me to keep myself really focused and relaxed during the whole birth.The midwives could not believe how calm and focused I stayed during the eight hours! They could see how much work I had put into the relaxation techniques during pregnancy." Alison & Jerome

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Wishing You A Positive Pregnancy & Birth Experience ~ Aisling Killoran

       Nurturing baby from the beginning of life…

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