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aislingIf you're pregnant, and looking how to control birth and build on your own inner strength along side hospital resources and support, then Hypnobirthing Birth with Ease™ is for you. I am the longest established Hypnobirthing Practitioner in Ireland providing Hypno-birthing classes that will assist your pregnancy week by week along with antenatal classes. Hypno birth replaces fear and panic during pregnancy with confidence and self empowerment, for you, your partner and your baby, to have the most positive birth experience, which the female body is already designed to do naturally! Embraced my midwifery, homebirth and promoted by many national maternity hospitals and health care services in Ireland… because it works!.

Free Self Help Audio

We invite you to listen to this relaxation audio for FREE that will help you release the stresses of daily life and its demands! If you like what you hear you can, download a number of tracks that will help you prepare for the birth of your baby.


Self Help Audio & Video Introduction
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Nurturing baby from the beginning of life…

“Many thanks for teaching us a confident and comfortable way of giving birth to our boy. I am talking about you to all my good friends who are in a "fertile age" April & Harry Recommended

Journeying through pregnancy with your baby is exciting yet it can be challenging at times, so it’s important that you get some help along the way.

These hypnobirthing recordings have been designed to help you on your journey to be more relaxed and at ease, both physically, emotionally and mentally along with deepening your bond with your baby as you move through your pregnancy and prepare for your birthing day.

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"Hypnobirthing Conditioning Audio" "Affirmations - Birth with Ease" SPECIAL COMBO OFFER
hypnobirthing conditioning audio download Dublin

affirmations birth with ease audio download for Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing & Affirmations through Pregnancy Audio Download
This hypno-birthing conditioning audio is designed to prepare your mind and body for your birthing day and suitable to listen to from week 14 on... For maximum benefit it is best played each day/night before you go to bed.
Provides great support to you and your baby that you can also listen to when you give birth.
Affirmations are an important part of your preparation for birthing, enhancing your belief in your ability to give birth and provide you with great support. Especially during those last few months before your baby is due to be born…

Maximise your pregnancy and preparation in giving birth to your baby, alternating between these two audios.
Combo pack includes: "Hypnobirthing Conditioning Audio" and "Affirmations - Birth with Ease"

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"Relaxation and Calmness through Pregnancy" "Affirmations - For a Relaxed Pregnancy" SPECIAL COMBO OFFER
relaxation calmness pregnancy and birth audio download affirmations relaxed pregnancy audio Hypnobirthing download MP3 Hypnobirthing relaxation & affirmations MP3 for pregnancy audio download
The early stages of Pregnancy although exciting can sometimes be terrifying and worrying. This recording is ideal for mums, from week 1 on... in helping you to relax into and through your pregnancy so that you can really enjoy this special time and deepen your bond with your baby even more...

Affirmations are great in supporting and relaxing you through your pregnancy and also in preparation for giving birth. They should be listened to frequently, and each sentence repeated after my voice, especially during those early months in helping you deepen  your connection with your baby. Here are your affirmations…

Maximise your pregnancy and preparation in giving birth to your baby, alternating between these two audios.

Combo pack includes: "Relaxation and Calmness through Pregnancy" and "Affirmations - For a Relaxed Pregnancy"

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"Accelerated Healing" "Sleep Easy" SPECIAL COMBO OFFER
accelerated healing for after birth MP3 audio download sleep easy after pregnancy MP3 audio download Dublin Sleep easy & accelerated healing after Hypnobirthing audio MP3 download
It takes a few weeks for your body to restore its self. This audio will help to maximise your health and well being both physically, mentally and emotionally. Sleep is important in helping the body to rest and heal. This audio will help you to regenerate and improve your sleep especially during those first few weeks.

Maximise and enhance your health, sleep and well being, after the birth of your baby. Alternating between these two audios will help you get into a relaxed, yet productive routine.

Combo pack includes: "Accelerated Healing" and "Sleep Easy"

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